Looks for links in posts and pages before performing WebMention discovery on them in order to try and send webmentions

To install, run nikola plugin -i webmentions

webmention Plugin

This is a deployment SignalHandler plugin for Nikola which looks for links in newly updated posts/pages, performs WebMention discovery on the link destination and attempts to send a WebMention.

It can only send WebMentions, it cannot receive because doing so would require a dynamic stack. A service like webmentions.io can be used for receiving.

Configuration and Usage

If you haven't run deploy before, you might want to consider doing so before installing the plugin, so that it doesn't try to retroactively send mentions for all your content.

After that the plugin simply needs to be installed, copy the contents of this repo into plugins/webmentions

When you next make changes to your site content:

  • run nikola build
  • run nikola deploy (you do not need to have defined any DEPLOY_COMMANDS in Nikola's config)


Nikola's deploy command does not trigger for pages/posts with a date older than the last recorded deployment, so if you are updating old pages, remember to add Updated to the meta-info and keep it current.

Usage within posts/pages

To trigger a webmention, you simply need to include a link out to the destination as you normally would.

However, a lot of WebMention supporting software allow the type of mention to be adjusted based on attributes in the markup. A common way is to use h-entry markup.


Copyright (c) 2022 B Tasker, released under MIT License


  • requests (Python package)

Issues? Questions?

You can report issues with this plugin and request help via GitHub Issues.