Generate package indexes (meta-plugin)

To install, run nikola plugin -i pkgindex

Package Indexes

A set of Nikola plugins to facilitate creation of package indexes. This plugin depends on pkgindex_compiler, pkgindex_scan and pkgindex_zip, which implement the real functionality.

Package indexes are sites like They provide both a human-friendly interface (website), and a computer-friendly interface (JSON file). The generated package indexes are compatible with Nikola’s plugin and theme install features; however, they can be modified to work with any other packaging system (with some Python code modification).


Suggested Configuration:

# Directories to use for package indexes. This is a dictionary mapping input
# directory to a tuple of (destination, template name)
    'v7': ('v7', 'plugin.tmpl')

# Handlers for metadata.
# Built-in handlers:
# * dirname_as_title    takes post title (package name) from directory name
# * parse_plugin_file   parse .plugin file and other Nikola-specific data
#                       (used on
# * parse_theme_info    parse files related to Nikola themes
#                       (used on
# * add_category        add category meta data (useful with functools.partial)
# You may add custom callables to those lists.
    'v7': ['dirname_as_title', 'parse_plugin_file']

# Configuration variables. They are used by handlers and plugins -- the default
# Nikola set (parse_plugin_file) needs a list of versions that have plugins for them.
# The 'extension' key is mandatory and is used to find pkgindex_compiler -- it
# must be COMPILERS['pkgindex_compiler'][0].
    'extension': '.plugin',
    'versions_supported': [7],
    'json_filename': 'plugins.json',

# Required supporting config. You may change `.plugin` to anything else.
    ("posts/*.plugin", "posts", "post.tmpl"),
    ("posts/*.md", "posts", "post.tmpl"),
    "markdown": ('.md', '.mdown', '.markdown'),
    "pkgindex_compiler": ('.plugin',),


Issues? Questions?

You can report issues with this plugin and request help via GitHub Issues.