Generate JSON Feeds for a Nikola blog.

To install, run nikola plugin -i jsonfeed

An implementation of the JSON Feed specification (version 1).


  • archives (/archives/2017/feed.json — only if archives are indexes)
  • blog index (/feed.json)
  • author pages (/authors/john-doe-feed.json)
  • categories (/categories/cat_foo-feed.json)
  • sections (/section/feed.json)
  • tags (/categories/bar-feed.json)


  • galleries (requires some changes to Nikola core)

This should work with new enough versions of Nikola, but automatic feed link injection (JSONFEED_APPEND_LINKS = True in config, on by default) is buggy with Nikola v7.8.5 or older (fixed in commit bf1b20c + PR #2789).

Sample output

    "version": "https://jsonfeed.org/version/1",
    "user_comment": "This feed allows you to read the posts from this site in any feed reader that supports the JSON Feed format. To add this feed to your reader, copy the following URL — https://example.com/feed.json — and add it your reader.",
    "title": "Demo Site",
    "home_page_url": "https://example.com/",
    "feed_url": "https://example.com/feed.json",
    "description": "This is a demo site for Nikola.",
    "author": {
        "name": "Your Name"
    "items": [
            "id": "https://example.com/posts/welcome-to-nikola.html",
            "url": "/posts/welcome-to-nikola.html",
            "title": "Welcome to Nikola",
            "date_published": "2012-03-30T23:00:00-03:00",
            "author": {
                "name": "Roberto Alsina",
                "url": "/authors/roberto-alsina.html"
            "tags": [
            "external_url": "https://getnikola.com/",
            "content_html": "…omitted for brevity…"

Suggested Configuration:

# Add links to JSON Feeds to page <head>s, where applicable.

Issues? Questions?

You can report issues with this plugin and request help via GitHub Issues.