Import from Twitpic

To install, run nikola plugin -i import_twitpic

This plugin imports Twitpic pics (including twitted text) as new posts.

This plugin:

  • Creates post as a rst file using the tweet text and the figure directive
  • Copies images to images/POSTS_OUTPUT_FOLDER/POST_SLUG/
  • Uses original tweet date as post date
  • Uses "Twitpic: DATE" as title
  • Adds "Twitpic" as tag plus the ones passed as arguments
  • Adds mentionds as hashtags as tags, but if the site already have a similar tag it use that (to avoid "ERROR: Nikola: You have tags that are too similar")

Note: Twitpic export is a folder cotaining all your images plus a tweets.txt file.

Issues? Questions?

You can report issues with this plugin and request help via GitHub Issues.