Maintain a planet-like site

To install, run nikola plugin -i planetoid

This plugin converts Nikola into the equivalent of Planet a feed aggregator. It requires PeeWee and Feedparser to work.

It has a configuration option: PLANETOID_REFRESH which is the number of minutes before retrying a feed (defaults to 60).

You need to create a feeds file containing the data of which feeds you want to aggregate. The format is very simple:

   # Roberto Alsina
   Roberto Alsina
  • Lines that start with # are comments and ignored.
  • Lines that start with http are feed URLs.
  • URL lines have to be followed by the "real name" of the feed.

After all that is in place, just run nikola build and you'll get a planet. If you run nikola build for the first time you need to actually issue the command three times until the planet is build.

There is a special theme for the planets called planetoid. To use this, run nikola install_theme planetoid and set THEME in your to 'planetoid'. This is special in the case that it redirects users to the original URL of the post when they try to open a post.


  • feedparser (Python package)
  • peewee (Python package)

Issues? Questions?

You can report issues with this plugin and request help via GitHub Issues.